Tell Restaurants about your recent experience

Tell Restaurants about your recent experience

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Tell Taco Bell

Restaurants use customer surveys like Tell the Bell to get feedback from their customers.

These businesses use customer satisfaction surveys to identify their happiest and unhappiest customers.

Customer feedback surveys are usually short, online surveys asking questions about service, customer experience and satisfaction.

How Restaurant Surveys Work

Customers are invited to tell restaurants about their recent dining experience in a survey via a survey invitation or survey code printed on a store receipt or issued via email.

When customers visit the online survey, they are asked to answer a range of questions about their last dining experience. Tell the restaurant:

  • Details from your last store receipt
  • Rate a statement about your last experience
  • Check a box or multiple boxes
  • Provide additional comments
  • Indicate other restaurants you have recently dined at
  • Provide your personal contact details
  • Enter a sweepstake draw for a prize

Once a survey is completed, the results are analysed and the restaurant managers are informed of the findings. Don’t worry. Your personal details will never be used to identify you, so answer your customer survey as honestly as you can. Remember your feedback is important to letting the business know if you are happy or not.

Restaurant managers know that poor customer service is the main reason why diners don’t return to a restaurant.

Information from customers surveys are used to turn unhappy customers into happy ones by making changes to their menu, décor, service procedures, staff and more. After all, a dissatisfied customer tells up to 12 others about their experience (some tell more than 20 others!)

Tell Taco Bell

Having happy customers is important to restaurants like Taco Bell. Happy customers will come back and again they will tell others to come too. If you have feedback on dining at Taco Bell, Tell the Bell today.


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