How brands use surveys to gather feedback from their customers

How brands use surveys to gather feedback from their customers

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Kroger Feedback Survey

As a customer, your opinion is of great value to the stores where you shop. Accordingly many brands offer surveys to gather customer feedback including the Krogerfeedback survey.

Feedback Surveys Prizes and Rewards

A bonus for completing feedback surveys is that some restaurants, supermarkets and DIY stores will reward you with a discount voucher for completing their survey. Other surveys have a sweepstake that is entered on completion of the survey, for example the Kroger Feedback Survey you can win a $5,000 Kroger gift card – what a great prize for giving your feedback.

3 Tips for Completing Feedback Survey

  1. Keep your receipt. Most store feedback surveys are run by head office, to ensure your comments are applied to your local store, there is often a location code you will need to enter during the survey.
  2. Choose your preferred language Feedback surveys in the United States are usually offered in both English and Spanish. The ability to complete the survey in your natural tongue will enable you to give a more accurate opinion of your experience
  3. Make sure your feedback is truthful The brands and stores are after your honest feedback in their customer surveys. Don’t be afraid to tell them the floors were dirty or their staff were rude. This is your opportunity to improve your experience next time you go into their store.

Feedback Survey Website

Online Store Surveys lists and reviews feedback surveys from a variety of the top retailers across North America – feedback surveys offered by fashion, DIY, burger and supermarket stores are amongst their range of surveys. Having all these surveys in the one location is a great way to complete multiple surveys from your favourite brands, giving you more opportunities to enter sweepstakes and receive vouchers.

Whilst you are at Online Store Surveys make sure you check out their most popular feedback survey complete the simple feedback survey from Kroger and enter the sweepstake to win the grand prize of $5,000 or 1 of the many $100 Kroger Gift Cards on offer.


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