Give your opinion in surveys

Give your opinion in surveys

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Give your Opinion to Home Depot

Opinion Surveys

Your opinion is important and most of your favorite stores and restaurants are interested in finding out how you think they are performing. Have you recently had a great meal? A store clerk that went the extra mile? Or have you been disappointed with store cleanliness?

Giving your opinion will help improve the performance of the stores you regularly shop at. Many stores offer customer surveys to assess their performance including the HomeDepot Opinion survey.

Opinion Survey Sweepstakes

To reward you for your time in completing the survey most opinion surveys offered by shops, supermarkets and hardware stores have a sweepstake giveaway for completing their survey. For example has a quarterly sweepstake where you can win a $5,000 HomeDepot gift card in both the United States and Canada.

Opinion Survey Top Tips

  1. Read the rules
    The official rules of an opinion survey will give you more information on the following

    • eligibility
    • how to enter
    • how to participate
    • prize details
  2. Rate your satisfaction
    Be honest with your opinion! The anonymity of an online survey is a great way to really share your heartfelt opinion about your recent shopping or dining experience – whether good or bad.
  3. Enter the sweepstake
    After all the effort of sharing your opinion with the store don’t forget to complete any additional components required to enter you into the sweepstake on offer. Most opinion surveys from bigger brands have prize values in the thousands – Good luck!

Home of Opinion Surveys

Online Store Surveys is a one-stop depot of opinion surveys from the most popular shops, your favorite hardware and sports stores, supermarkets and more will have their surveys listed. Next time you return from the mall, pile up your receipts, grab a cup of joe and visit Online Store Surveys to give your opinion.

The most favored opinion survey at Online Store Surveys is the survey. Fill in the short survey giving your opinion from your most recent visit and you will be entered into the drawn to win a $5,000 HomeDepot gift card – everyones favorite DIY store.


  1. I shop at the Kroger in Dickson, Tn. I’m a new convert from Walmart to Kroger. I’m 66 years old and don’t move around too good. One of the main reasons I’ve gotten to like Kroger is the help. If I’m struggling there’s always some one to help. I shop at night and Melanie always makes sure I get in and get out with my groceries. Walmart offers no help. I’m enjoying my new shopping experience. thanks Kroger.

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