Saving Money for Christmas

Saving Money for Christmas

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Making Money for Xmas with Paid Surveys

Can you believe that Christmas will be with us again in less than 50 days! I for one wouldn’t mind a few more dollars in the pocket to spend over the holiday season, but with work being hectic and the kids or grandkids taking up most of our spare time, where are the opportunities to make some more money.

Well we want to let you in on a little secret – Paid Surveys!

Making Money with Paid Surveys

Surveys offered by the largest Marketing firms from across North America are looking for panel members to complete their surveys. Signing up is simple, just complete a few questions and your account will be set up. Based on your age, location and interests you will be sent surveys to complete – and the best news is that you will be paid for completing these surveys.

How paid surveys work

Surveys are conducted on products and services you use every day – so you will have an oipinion on these topics. Simply answer the questions and give your opinion or feedback. That’s it! Once you have completed the survey your account will be credited either with cash or points you can use for prizes and vouchers. The longer the survey the more money you receive. In our experience these range from $0.50 to $10 – too easy!

The best reward surveys

Online Store Surveys has compiled the top Paid Survey companies from across North America to make it simple for you to join them all. Most are now mobile friendly so you can complete them when you have a spare 5 minutes. On the bus or train, in your lunch break or after you have put the kids to bed.

Check out the leading paid surveys and start earning for Christmas savings today.


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