www.springboardamerica.com – Springboard America Paid Surveys

www.springboardamerica.com – Springboard America Paid Surveys

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Springboard America Paid Survey

Springboard America is an online research company based in North America and is looking for members to join and fill out surveys to help with research. Springboard America asks questions on your opinions and views on particular subjects and topics that interest you and in return you receive points to earn rewards including cash and prizes at www.springboardamerica.com.

Earn Rewards with Springboard America Paid Surveys

When you join Springboard America you will be sent surveys on topics relevant to you to fill in. Every time you complete a survey you qualify for, you will be given survey dollars between $0.50 and $5.00.

When you have completed enough surveys to reach $50 you will be able to redeem your survey dollars for prizes including an Amazon Gift Card, personal check, PayPal cash transfer or charitable donation. Once in a while you will also receive a survey that will enter you into a sweepstakes to win even bigger prizes.

www.springboardamerica.com – Join to Earn Survey Dollars with Springboard America

To join Springboard America, visit the website at www.springboardamerica.com and click on the yellow join now button. Read the terms and conditions and privacy policy before deciding if you would like to join. Those who register will be asked to complete a short survey asking information about you and your lifestyle.

Once submitted you will start receiving surveys and questionnaires from Springboard America on topics you have said interest you. As a bonus for joining Springboard America you will immediately be entered into a prize draw to win $1,000.

About Springboard America Paid Surveys

Website: www.springboardamerica.com
Springboard America T&Cs: https://www.springboardamerica.com/skin/terms-and-conditions.html
Rewards: Amazon Gift Cards, personal check, PayPal cash transfer, charitable donation, entry into sweepstakes


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