Top 10 Survey Tips

Top 10 Survey Tips

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Our Top 10 Survey Tips

The team at Online Store Surveys have compiled their top tips to help make completing surveys easier. Follow our top tips below  and you will find that giving your feedback in opinion surveys is much simpler.

1. Always have your survey receipt with you

This is very important, as you will often be asked for details such as the survey code, store number and date, all of which are printed on your receipt.

2. Read reviews of your favourite stores and restaurants

If you are not sure how to complete a survey, there are some great reviews online like those at Online Store Surveys that will guide you through the survey, step-by-step.

3. Visit the correct survey website

Sometimes companies have a specific site their survey is held at, and this may be different to their homepage. If you can’t find the survey, you may be at their homepage. Read your receipt and the review carefully to find the survey page.

4. Give honest feedback on your store experience 

If you’ve had a great experience with a staff member, now is the time to let them know! Or perhaps your experience wasn’t as great as you had hoped? It is important to let the company know so they can improve and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Your personal details will not be passed on, so you can rest easy and make candid comments. There also may be a prize involved in the store survey.

5. Read the survey/competition terms and conditions

The survey terms and conditions documents will give you all the information you need to know, from how many times you can enter to when the survey winners will be announced.

6. Read the about section to find out about survey prizes 

If you’ve found a survey through a review website, chances are they have provided a brief ‘about’ section. This section is generally placed towards the end of the review and provides details such as the company website, survey link and survey prize details.

7. Provide your contact details to win prizes

This is how the company will contact you if you win a great prize! Want to keep in the loop? Provide your contact details and opt in to receive regular updates from the business… and maybe even a few free coupons.

8. Write down your survey validation code to redeem in store

Many surveys will present you with a validation code once you have completed the survey, and often they will ask you to write this on your last receipt. To redeem the savings, just bring this receipt into the store on your next visit. Make sure you read the survey details carefully to see whether or not your survey requires this.

9. Start using social networks like Google+ and save money at your favourite stores

If you really want to save money, you might consider following survey sites on social media. For example, Online Store Surveys has regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ letting their fans know when a new review has been posted – so they’ll never miss a survey.

10. Sign up to survey mailing lists to receive special offers straight to your inbox

Not on social media? Subscribe to mailing lists to receive special offers and survey updates from your favorite survey sites. Sign up to the mailing list at Online Store Surveys and you’ll receive deals, discounts and competitions delivered straight to your inbox.

Have any other suggestions? Give your survey tips in our comments field below.


  1. great tips. Another tip is to always shop at stores with surveys – this gives you the opportunity to give your feedback with the added bonus of winning a prize or receiving a discount!

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