www.StaplesCares.com – Staples Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.StaplesCares.com – Staples Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey

StaplesCares Survey

Staples is the world’s largest office products company who offer a wide range of services for businesses and customers. A one-shop for office supplies, Staples products include furniture, computers, stationery and accessories as well as a technical service. If you regularly shop at Staples here is a chance give them your feedback on their product and services, at www.StaplesCares.com, and go into the draw to win the $5000 grand prize.

Staples Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.StaplesCares.com is the Staples Cares customer satisfaction survey. Your survey feedback will be used to improve Staples customer service and experience. By finishing the Staples Cares survey, you will have chance to win a monthly $5,000 Staples gift card.

www.StaplesCares.com – Win a $5,000 Staples Gift Card

The Staples Cares survey at www.StaplesCares.com is available to take in both English and Spanish. To begin the survey, you need to enter the 16 digit survey code printed in the middle of your Staples receipt. The Staples Cares customer satisfaction survey is easy to take and you could win a $5,000 Staples gift card.
For your chance to win a $5,000 Staples gift card, take the Staples Cares customer satisfaction survey at www.StaplesCares.com

About Staples Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey

Website: www.StaplesCares.com
Prize: $5,000 Staples Gift Card
Español: Encuesta de satisfacción al cliente de Staples Cares

Review overview
Time to complete - 8
Ease of use - 9
Prize - 10


  1. I am disappointed with your Rebate Program and the cost of your products. You have offered us money back on ink cartridges. Now you up the price of the ink so did you give me a rebate.
    Ink that was 45.99 now 52.99. What a mark up!!!!!!!!

  2. Today, May 9 2013 I went to my local Staples store in Bradley, Illinois to purchase some # 564 printer black ink and some white copy paper. When approaching the check-out counter, the lady greeted me with a nice smile and a happy voice. She processed my purchases and told me she had already included my purchases into my rewards file. She put both of my purchases into a Staples bag and thanked me for shopping at Staples. I thought my entire time in the store was a pleasant success. I was happy with my purchases and happy with how the employees treated me. I’ve been going to Staples since they first opened the store. The interior is always clean, merchandise is easy to find and the employees are always willing to help me find items and to answer any questions that I might have.

    Thanks for asking for my opinion. Lee HIll Survey Code: 0101 2469 3517 8969

  3. Yesterday,May 13th, 2013, I was served at The Dalled, OR Staples store by the most helpful and creative person I have ever encountered at any Staples, or at any copy service. His name is Alex Korhonn.

    I came to the store to have two deposition transcripts, over two-inches of paper duplicated and sent to another attorney in California. Alex suggested that I consider scanning the documents and he could e-mail them, thereby saving the physical copying, handling shipping and the time consumed in doing so.

    I am most grateful for the service Alex provided service in a pleasant, congenial manner. Staples has a knowledgeable and valuable employee in Alex Korhonn. He saved me a lot of aggravation and money by offering his helpful knowledge of a more efficient way of doing business.

  4. 5/11/2013 toda i purchase a samsung Galalxy Tab an Bebeklin Kindle Fire Salesperson #1590959 Falon was very good helper in assistan me with the Purchase. her personatily was just beautiful an she went out her way to make sure I know what I was buying ..

  5. Store is always clean and the workers are helpful in Selinsgrove, PA . Sorry to see they closed the one in Lewisburg, PA . Dislikes is I was looking for a computer but they never had one in when we were in the store. They could use some help in that department Best Buy got our business that day sorry to say.

  6. Staples is where I shop for all my stationary needs, because they always have what I need at a great price. The staff is always so nice and curtious, plus they are very helpful with the products they sell.

  7. Gina Todd Was the most friendly and helpful person I have had the pleaser of dealing with at your store.
    Thank You Gina!

  8. A very positive shopping experience at the Staples in Bethel, CT today. Both the floor support person and Nitasha ()checkout person) were knowledgeable and professional in aiding in selecting an appropriate shredder and checking out.

  9. I am always treated well at Staples. I live in an area where I have access to
    three Staples Stores. All are always very courteous and exceptionally helpful
    when I ask for assistance. This visit was to the Asheboro Store and the cashier
    had a very pleasant demeanor. Another good reason to shop Staples.

  10. I went to the Muskegon MI store on Sherman Blvd. I had three different lists for my 3 different businesses. The cashier handed it great and I received great customer care in a timely fashion that allowed me to be in and out of the store quickly. I will return again for my office and personal needs.

    Thank you


  11. Clerk was very helpful. But, the fine print is too much. I thought I was getting products with the discount in place only to find that I have to send in for rebates. This is too time consuming. I think I will be purchasing my items from another store that allows the reduced price in the store.

  12. My shopping experience at Staples was very positive and fulfilling.
    The technical Staff was superb and answered all my concerns
    to my total satisfaction. I will have no problem recommending Staples to my friends and colleagues.

  13. I love me some Staples.
    The store has all kind of
    Goodies.I love me some
    Coffee and office supplies
    And electric equipment .

  14. Bob, at the Pueblo , CO Staples store was very helpful when I purchased my KindleFire. He took his time to help me locate other items I wanted to purchase, and handled the discounts very well.

  15. I was in a competitive store, waiting on line to get my computer fixed. After waiting 25 minutes without an acknowledgement from the tech, I called Staples on my cell and asked if they fixed computers. They said ” sure come on in”. The technician at Staples was professional, very knowledgeable and polite. His name is Jim Veillard at the West Nyack, NY store. He assessed the problem and completed all paper work in a timely manner. I shop in Staples often and have always found the sales associates to be knowledgeable, polite and professional.

  16. There are three Staples in Saskatoon,Sask. No matter which Staples I enter I am greeted by name with a big hello how are you doing. I feel very comfortable asking question and getting the help I need no matter what store I enter.
    I recommend to all my friends and family to go to Staples for computer tech support, supplies and printing. The sales associates are very knowledgeable, polite and professional.
    Thank you Staples for all your support.

  17. I buy lots of my office and computer supplies at Staples in Barre, VT. The staff is always very helpful and friendly and it’s a nice place to shop. Thanks!

  18. I bought Epson cartridge inks for my Epson printer, did not know what I was looking for, the store tech was more than helpful, he actually picked out the cartridges for me and was very pleasant. I was in your Springfield, PA store. Thank you. Claudia Vay

  19. I bought four print ribbons for my HP Deskjet printer that were easy to find. Thanks to the cashier name Megan, she was very helpful explaining all the printed paper that started shooting out at the register when I was completing my purchases.

  20. My computer was hacked and required multiple rebuilds and installation of software. The easytech Raymond Riggs in the St George, Utah office was instrumental in getting my system on stream again. What ever your are paying this tech is just not enough. I have bought four computers from Staples through the effort and technical support of Mr. Riggs.

  21. My touchpad and mouse quit working on my laptop. I had researched on line to see if I could fix it, but wasn’t daring enough to try. I took it to the Boone, NC store and after checking out my computer, James said it wasn’t what I thought it was, made a few adjustments to correct the problem and I was on my way. Much better than the geeks across the way that have a hefty diagnostic fee and take a week to get the job done.

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