www.landrysinc.com/contactus/feedback.asp – Landry’s Customer Feedback

www.landrysinc.com/contactus/feedback.asp – Landry’s Customer Feedback

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Landrys Customer Feedback Survey

Privately owned American corporation Landry’s, Inc operates more than 500 restaurant, casino, entertainment and hotel destinations across 35 states. These destinations comprise of over 40 unique brands such as Landry’s Seafood, Cameron’s Steakhouse, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., and Mai Tai Bar. Landry’s is the nation’s largest and fastest growing restaurant corporation, providing customers with a wide choice of dining and entertainment options. Landry’s, Inc would like some feedback for their chains in individual surveys http://www.landrysinc.com/contactus/feedback.asp

Landry’s, Inc Customer Survey

Did you enjoy Meriwether’s or had a bad experience at Harlow’s Food and Fun? Then Landry’s, Inc would like to hear from you. They take their customer feedback seriously, welcome all comments and review customer responses in detail. Have your say at http://www.landrysinc.com/contactus/feedback.asp – NO PRIZE

Completing Landry’s, Inc Feedback Survey

Entering is straightforward.

  1. Visit http://www.landrysinc.com/contactus/feedback.asp and read the instructions to begin
  2. To start, click on a restaurant logo that you are providing feedback about
  3. Provide some personal information, which is kept strictly confidential
  4. Provide your comments
  5. Indicate the location in which you visited
  6. Select the date and time of day in which you visited
  7. Select from options about your experience
  8. Describe the atmosphere, cleanliness, food and service during your experience
  9. Provide your Landry’s Select Club member number, if you have one
  10. Option for additional comments or suggestions

About Landry’s, Inc Customer Feedback

Survey Link: http://www.landrysinc.com/contactus/feedback.asp
Official Site: http://www.landrysinc.com/



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