www.grocerysurvey.net – Safeway Feedback Survey

www.grocerysurvey.net – Safeway Feedback Survey

Safeway Feedback Survey

Do you shop at Safeway for your weekly specials? There are 1,702 Safeway stores across the US and Canada with Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Carrs Stores falling under the Safeways brand. Safeway supermarkets offer fresh produce, pharmacy, grocery delivery service and recipe and meal ideas as well as savings with the Safeway Club Card. Are you a Safeways shopper? Then visit the below survey and get a chance to win one of five $100 Gift Cards.

Safeway Feedback Survey

Safeway is North America’s second largest grocery store chain which aims to provide great service and product variety to suit the local stores. How was your experience on you recent visit to a Safeways, Vons or Carrs Store? Rate your satisfaction in the customer experience survey.

www.grocerysurvey.net – Win $100 Gift Card

To give your feedback, visit the survey website at www.grocerysurvey.net and enter the date you visited your local Safeway Store. You will also need to enter the numbers located at the bottom of your receipt to start the survey. Once completed you will go into the sweepstakes to win $100 Safeways Gift Card. The survey is also available to take in Spanish.

About Safeway Feedback Survey

New Website: Safeway Feedback Survey
Old Website: www.grocerysurvey.net
Prize: $100 Safeway Gift Card


  1. I buy ground sirloin regularly at Dominicks and find that it is packed too tightly and although the outside looks fresh and red – the inside is sometimes brown and discolored and smells bad..I always buy meat at Dominicks and usually its tender.Recently I found that Walmart in Boilingbrook has good meat at a less expensive price.Their ground sirloin is packed flat and inside looks as good as outside…Just to let you know before I stop shopping at Dominicks on 63rd in Willowbrook Thanks

  2. CB Feb9,2013
    I don’t normally drive so I get Safeway delivery from Safeway.com and delivered to my door to the really good at experience and this weekend I bawled my grandson vehicle and I stopped at the Safeway down the road to get some cat food. and as I walked in the door there was a gentleman is sitting there with a chicken and macaroni cheese the chicken was freshly cooked and the mac and cheese I had to call me cook it. I just love 5 dollar weekends add Safeway

  3. Safeway Safeway
    Today I had to laugh,I come in the store with four bags.All but one was Safeway bag.
    I check out over hunderd So I needed another bag after I payed.You are right I had to
    paid for another bag..So I go back in my purse and come out with a little dine.and sure
    enough she takes it. that’s her job ,,,,Before I come in in the good old days I had so many
    plastic bags I had to make sure I was not throwing something out.Just want to know one thing
    Why are you charging for a paper bag??????You need that dine that much??????/I don’t
    remenber paying for paper bag befor the platic bags.

  4. My cashier today was Stephanie… What a sweetheart! Very cool! Made me feel like I was a familiar face… Made my day! Thanks Stephanie!!!

  5. I live walking distance from Safeway and the staff and the manager there are very friendly. I have one complaint. The safeway I shop at does not have a gas station. So when I go to another safeway gas station I DO NOT get my 5 cents discount. Why is that. I spend sometimes over $100.00 in groceries.

  6. I shop at the Kenmore Safeway 2-3 times a week. Because I’m there so often I must know at least 10 people working there full time. Even the asst. manager Joe is a former high school student I taught
    back in the late 80’s! I feel that the staff at Kenmore Safeway are very friendly and professional. They take an interest in not only helping you find things but also make you feel like extended family!
    Keep up the positive effort. I’ll be back!

  7. Yves that works at the Westbrook Safeway location is a very pleasant and hardworking employee. He’s always has a smile and pleasant personality.

  8. I love Von’s I tell everyone you can’t beat the produce and meat. The produce people are so nice they let you tast it before you buy it. Now that’s cool

  9. I went in wanting something cold to eat and found so delicious organic coconut! I am in love with they mint flavor now. Wonderful experience.

  10. My Safeway on Kildare has some of the friendliest staff. I’m always asked if I found everything or need help to my car. When I was injured and in a cast they always made sure their electric cart was fully charged and ready for me when I called.

  11. I love shopping at Von’s, the Just 4 u is so convenient and I love the savings. I also like to shop for savings at the meat clearance and the items clearance at the back of the store. My husband loves your local breads and ask me to buy a loaf every time I go to the Von’s, which is weekly. There is a checker named Jeannie with whom I am impressed. She always has a smile and is helpful no matter how long the line and she never appears rushed although she is very quick moving so that no one gets impatient. If Jeanie is working, I always head there for her cheery greeting and satisfying service.

  12. Shopping experience is always great. It is nice to shop in a local store where everyone knows your name. Stacey was my cashier today and she is always so friendly and gets you checked at in a timely manner. Safeway is the only store to shop.

  13. the produce is always fresh, the employees always ask if I need help, the checkout stands are fast and
    I’m always asked if I need help to my car.

  14. I live my Safeway in Windsor california, the employees are always eager to help me, and it make me want to come back and shop. I am also an employee, so I’m pretty picky about customer service. Cudos to all my fellow employees at Safeway in Windsor California!!

  15. I have been a Safeway customer In Brooklyn and then again in1958 when I moved to Tucson AZ
    so I must like it very much every one is friendly. and the selections are great.

  16. Even though they keep opening new food stores in my area I prefer Safeway. They always have what I need and always fresh. Everyone in the store is very helpful and always trying to make my shopping a better experience. It’s more of a family operated store feeling.

  17. always enjoy going to safeway to buy my weekly groceries. always asked if I found everything I needed and if by chance did not which is rare, they have gone to get it for me. the store is always clean and nice to walk up and down the store to see what is new as well.

  18. I shopped in Lakeport CA this afternoon and had a very nice Checker Named Stacey! My experience at this store was great as usual, but I usually go to self check out and today the self check out was closed so I was happy to get a great Checker, Stacey to help me out. He was kind, courteous and very upbeat! I rate him a 10! Thank you!

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