October 2014 Top 10 Surveys

October 2014 Top 10 Surveys

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October 2014 Top 10 Surveys

This month, many of the most popular surveys were from fast food outlets, such as Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s. Surveys with great cash prizes and gift cards were also popular, with Kroger offering $5,000 cash and Walgreens giving away $3,000 cash. Read our review of the Top 10 Surveys for October 2014 to find out which surveys you should enter to win the best prizes.

1. www.krogerfeedback.com – Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

Although the most popular surveys this month were mostly from fast food outlets, the Kroger Feedback Customer Survey managed to stay in the number one spot. It’s no surprise this survey keeps taking out first place – it offers an incredible $5,000 cash prize, as well as frequent giveaways of $100 Kroger gift card prizes.

2. www.mybkexperience.com – My BK Experience Survey

The My BK Experience Survey was popular again this month, as customers enjoyed a tasty meal at their local Burger King for less (that is, if they’d completed the BK survey). This survey offers a great instant reward for all customers who enter – a discount coupon or validation code. Enter today and enjoy a burger for less!

3. www.Wagcares.com – Walgreens Cares Survey

Once again, the Walgreens Cares Survey ranked highly on the Top 10 Surveys list, but it’s no surprise, since the prize on offer was $3,000 cash – whoa! There’s no better time to enter the Wag Cares Survey, with all the holidays around the corner, some extra cash could be just what your family needs.

4. www.tellthebell.com – Tell the Bell Survey

Tell the Bell what you really think and you could win some great prizes. This month, fast food surveys were the most popular, as well as surveys offering the best prizes. Tell the Bell falls into both of these categories, with Taco Bell offering their customers $500 cash prizes and free Apple iPads. Enter now and you could win!

5. www.Survey.Walmart.com – Walmart Survey

The Walmart Survey has a fantastic prize up for grabs, which is why it always seems to make the Top 10 Surveys list. A $1,000 Walmart gift card could come in handy for many families. Summer holidays are coming up which always means extra expenses. Join lots of other smart customers who are trying their luck in the Walmart Survey.

6. www.riteaidstoresurvey.com – Rite Aid Store Survey

Customers are getting ready for Summer, which means extra visits to Rite Aid for Summer essentials like sunscreen and pharmacy needs. With all these extra customers in-store, it’s no surprise more people are voicing their opinions online. Enter the Rite Aid Store Survey and give feedback on the popular chain of drugstores today.

7. www.mykfcexperience.com – My KFC Experience Survey

Imagine if you could be paid to eat KFC? Well, turns out you can! The My KFC Experience Survey asks customers who have recently enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken to give candid feedback, and gives them the chance to win $1,000 cash. Delicious and rewarding, what’s not to like about the KFC Survey?

8. www.TellSubway.com – Tell Subway Survey

Tell Subway what you think and you will be rewarded with a free cookie! That’s right, this popular survey made the Top 10 Surveys again in October, thanks to the sweet prize on offer. Enter today and treat your sweet tooth and wallet to a free Subway cookie.

9. www.telldunkin.com – Tell Dunkin’ Donuts Survey

Everyone loves Dunkin’ Donuts! This month, the Dunkin’ Donuts Survey was new to the Top Surveys list, which is no surprise since food surveys were particularly popular during October. Customers were rewarded for their feedback with a free coupon, so they could enjoy their favorite Dunkin’ Donuts treats for less.

10. www.mcdvoice.com – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey was new to the Top Surveys list this month, following the popular trend of food surveys. Customers loved sharing their views, and in exchange for completing the survey, received a free validation code. Enjoy your next meal at McDonald’s for less, by entering the McD Voice Survey today.


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