RiteAid Store Survey – www.riteaidstoresurvey.com

RiteAid Store Survey – www.riteaidstoresurvey.com

Rite Aid Store Survey

Rite Aid Store Survey

The Rite Aid customer satisfaction survey used to be located at www.riteaid.com/storesurvey. It has moved and is now located at www.riteaidstoresurvey.com.

To take the store survey you will need the 16-digit code that is printed on the front of your Rite Aid receipt. The survey is available to take in both English and Spanish.

www.riteaidstoresurvey.com – Discount Coupon

Upon completing the Rite Aid customer satisfaction survey you will recieve a coupon to print and redeem for the offer shown on your survey invitation. This coupon must be redeemed within 14 days of taking the survey.

Take the Rite Aid customer satisfaction survey at www.riteaidstoresurvey.com

About Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey

Old Website: www.riteaid.com/storesurvey
New Website: www.riteaidstoresurvey.com
Prize: Discount Coupon

Review overview
Time to complete - 8
Ease of use - 10
Prize - 6


  1. i love my riteaid store.the people know me by name and are just awesome friendly people.plus im a silver member and i love the products and prices.

  2. I shop at Rite aid in Fortuna, ca. all the time. I love everyone in there, especially Pam and Jon. If I ever need anything I go to either of them . I am a gold member and love getting my discounts. The products they have are great.

  3. I love the customer service at alder street riteaid.They are always friendly when you walk in the door and are accommidating. There is a man at the counter who has a dissability yet he has the greatest disposition i think we can all benefit from his always cheerful attitude.

  4. I shop at Rite Aid for a few reasons. The first being that they are extremely convenient. They are a block away and have such a large inventory, how could I not find them helpful. The staff is friendly, helpful, and polite. I find them easy to do business with and generally have a positive experience there.

  5. I really love Rite Aid, it has everything that I need. The customer service is great, whenever I need help finding my way through the isles there are very friendly workers that will kindly help me find the products that I need. And the prices/sales are amazing! I save a very good amount of money whenever I shop at Rite Aid. My family and I also like that Rite Aid is pretty close to where we live, we can get whatever we need whenever we need it, unlike Walmart where we had to drive 20 to 30 minutes from our house to there! But now we can go to Rite Aid and I just love it! Thank you so much for the service I enjoy going there.

  6. I love rite aid on 798 harlem . They are very nice and polite . Its nice when you go get your scripts and they know your name. Mr ed is very nice, and so r the rest of them. Thank you.

  7. I like shopping at Rite Aid for the personalized service, nice smiling face along with the fast service.
    Very close to my place and I always find great brands for a reasonable rice.

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