www.tellkroger.com – Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.tellkroger.com – Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tell Kroger

 Rate your experience at www.TellKroger.com

Completing the survey to tell Kroger what you thought. If you are a regular shopper at Kroger Supermarkets and want a little help with your groceries, check out the below survey for your chance to win $100 gift card to spend in store. The Kroger Company is one of America’s largest grocery retailers with a huge range of products, pharmacy and fresh foods.

Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you been shopping at Kroger Supermarkets and Pharmacies. Tell Kroger about your recent shopping experience at one of their stores across North America, by taking their customer satisfaction survey at www.TellKroger.com. We found the survey easy to take and should take under 10 minutes to complete.

How to Complete the Kroger Feedback Survey

The Tell Kroger survey is available in both English and Spanish. Make sure you have your receipt from your most recent shopping experience in order to take the Tell Kroger customer satisfaction survey and follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey website at www.tellkroger.com
  2. Select English or Spanish as your language choice
  3. Read the Kroger Sweepstakes Rules for prize details
  4. Read the Privacy Policy to see how your personal information will be used
  5. Use your receipt to select the date and time of visit from the drop down boxes
  6. Use your receipt to enter the store, terminal, transaction and operator numbers
  7. Enter the survey entry code and click start
  8. Rate your shopping experience on each question by selecting answers from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied
  9. click next to continue to answer all questions (a progress bar will show you how far you are from finishing the survey)
  10. Fill in your contact details including name, address, phone number and if you are over 18 years of age.
  11. Click next to finish the survey and be entered into the sweepstakes to win $100 Kroger Gift Card

www.tellkroger.com – Win a $100 Grocery Gift Card

For your chance to win a $100 Grocery Gift Card, take the Tell Kroger customer satisfaction survey at www.TellKroger.com Are you looking for the new Kroger Feedback survey krogerfeedback.com?

About Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

New Website: Kroger Feedback Survey Old Website: www.TellKroger.com Prize: $100 Grocery Gift Card Español: Encuesta de satisfaccion al cliente Kroger

Review overview
Time to complete - 2
Ease of use - 3
Prize - 3


  1. Just a quick shoutout on how much I love a few of your employees that have on way more than one occasion gone way above and way beyond for me….
    Stephen – merchandising mgr?
    Jamie – customer service?
    Fred – bagger
    But most of all – and I could spend hours extolling her virtues is Erica Godfrey, who is the most pleasant, helpful, cheerful and engaging person at your store, thank you for her!

  2. I would like to tell you about your Fry’s store on rural road inTempe.The pharmacy has a awesome customer service team.I pass up many stores that I live closer too .because the customer service there at the pharmacy is that good.Jaime and her team make me feel special.Gary Wingate.

  3. Both Smith’s,, Dayton & Carson City, Nv., stores are great to shop at. Cleanliness, friendliness bar none. From baggers to upper level of management, all help to make your shopping experience pleasant. And it’s good to see that all employs KNOW where an item can be located. There are even times they’re not sure & will go out of their way to help find it for you. And P.S. thanks for carrying LemiShine! Keep it in stock because our water is very hard & full of alklai & this product works a heck a lot better than competitors. And what can I say about the points! Wonderful to save on fuel! Thanks!

  4. Kroger has the most helpfull employees, the best produce and always enough electric Scotter carts.
    This is the type of company I put my stock money in. Great Job Krogers!

  5. it”s always the best place to shop,it reminds me of the old days when service was number 1
    towards it:s customers.

    even the pharmacy keeps those high standards.

    keep up the good work !!!!!!

  6. CODE 011999). The Kroger Store located in Centennial Shopping Center on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell, Georgia (Store 441) has a number of excellent employees including Susie who runs the floral department and is always smiling and most efficient in taking care of shoppers. And then there is John in the meat dept. A wonderful and helpful employee who not only waits on you with outstanding service but also gives you tips on how to cook any type of meat … John is a friend to everyone. No other store can match your excellent filet mignonette…! Also, Miss Karen, who is always watching the checkout self service line and very diligent and responsible and knows this business inside out. A fairly new checkout employee is Lee … Very bright in the checkout lane and friendly to all. It is the caliber of employees like these that keeps me returning to This particular Kroger. Management is ever ready to answer any question. This Kroger store has an excellent fruit and vegetable area and the baked goods are incredible. It would be so nice to always be able to buy the caramel cake but sometime it is not there… All in all , I am most pleased…

  7. Today I was going to buy strawberries @ 2/$5. I looked at the display, and all of the boxes contained at least one moldy berry. Some had even more. I told the produce man, but got little response. Too bad.
    survey # 703 364 Pacific Beach store.

  8. I shop at Krogers in Bloomington, Indiana.
    I am disabled and always pleased that the electric scooters are charged and ready to go. Your employees are always available to direct me and will walk with me down the isles to make sure that I find exactly what I want. They will reach items that I cannot reach, They are always friendly, respectful, and considerate, and treat me with the same respect as abled bodied people, possibly more so. They will help me to get outside with my grocery purchases, without my even asking. I love everything about Krogers, prices are great, quality of food is excellent. I don’t shop any other place, since Krogers takes care that my every need is met. I thank everyone for your excellent service.

  9. I Shop at the Krogers in Bloomington, Indiana. I am disabled and am always able to find electric scooters that are charged up. Your employees are consistently friendly, thoughtful and respectful, and will ask me if I need assistance. They will personally walk me to the correct isle and will reach and retreive items I am not able to reach on my own. They will even walk me outside to my ride, without me even asking. I always feel welcome, and am not treated as someone who is disabled. The qualitiiy of food is excellent, and the prices are great as well. Since all my needs are met at Krogers, I ALWAYS shop at Krogers, no where else. I thank all the employees, who make my experience a positive one.

    Rebecca Payne

  10. I shop at the Kroger Store on Thornton Rd. in Lithia Springs, GA and I would love to compliment a young lady who works in the Gas Station booth named Sheena. She is a true example of what GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE should be. Each time I have approached the window to get gas she always has a beautiful smile to give and a pleasant hello. If we we had more customer service like hers, the world would be a better place. KODOS to Sheena, she is a true blessing to see. Thanks for you time.

  11. Kroger employee Kat at the Frys on baseline road is Mesa is amazing
    She is Always smiling, helpful and quick as well as efficient . She keeps all her customers happy

  12. I am posting this for my mom, she is on a fixed income so money gets tight. She does a lot of her shopping at Kroger and always says how nice and helpfull everyone is. Her name is Ann Brimer, and she says thank you.

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