www.opinion.rona.ca – RONA Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.opinion.rona.ca – RONA Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Rona Opinion Survey

Rona Inc is a Canadian retailer of hardware, construction and renovation products, starting out in 1939 and growing to over 950 stores throughout Canada.

RONA Customer Satisfaction Survey

Rona stores specialize in home improvements from gardening, flooring and lighting to DIY projects, Rona has all the products, tips and tricks to get you started. What do you like most about your local Rona store? Give your opinion in the customer satisfaction survey for a chance of winning a Rona Gift Card.

www.opinion.rona.ca – Win $1,000 Rona Gift Card

The survey is available to complete in English or French at www.opinion.rona.ca. Select your language and enter the access code at the bottom of your purchase receipt. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you will be helping Rona to improve its service and product availability in its stores. As an extra bonus you will also get the chance to win $1,000 Rona Gift Card to spend on even more home improvements!

RONA Customer Satisfaction Survey

Website: www.opinion.rona.ca
Prize: $1,000 Rona Gift Card


  1. To start I was very impressed with Rona’s competitive pricing. And the costumer help was perfect, I didn’t have to search for help and was told exactly what I needed to know, and when I thought that was good enough the store employees even went out of there to assist me and help me with what I needed help with….excellent assistance and very respectable people.

  2. Your staff at the Sargent Rona were extremely helpful and provided good knowledge on the Items I bought. I had purchase an awning and I took it home and went to install it. The awning had a major fault and had to be returned. No third degree given upon return, spoke to the sales assistance “Jon” and we searched through the other awnings and found one that was okay. The manager was phoned and spoken to by Jon and when leaving I was provided with a gift card to compensate for my time and distance I travelled. I live outside the city and it took me over an hour to go home.
    I have been extremely satisfied with the stock available but the pricing is a little higher than Home Depot, or Home Hardware. For example wood door shims at Home depot were $1.87 while at Rona was close to $3.00.

    More price comparison is required.

  3. I was very impressed—-was approached immediately by a very pleasant young man who was more than willing to help me with my needs.
    Prices very compariable—parking excellent.

  4. As I enter Rona on Baseline Sherwood Park I am always greeted by a hello or how are you today. which always makes me feel welcome and they enjoy my business. Other Rona stores greet me but not the same. They kind of say it like they have too. I enjoy going to Sherwood Park Rona. A good selection of what I am looking for or needing. When I wonder down a isle looking for something I need its not long before there is someone trying to help me. I am impressed with the service there and keep up the good job everyone is doing there.

  5. Today I went to Rona off King George Blvd. in Surrey to look for flat white spray paint. The salesperson in the paint area showed me exactly what I needed. I asked him about “Weed and Feed” for our lawn, so he went with me to the proper area, read the labels for me and then handed me the correct item. I was very impressed by that kind of service.

  6. I am an older female living by myself and take pride in being able to do all my own home repairs and maintenance. Many of the stores i go to have staff that either ignore or patronize me – drives me crazy! This is not the case at Rona – staff have been helpful, respectful, knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. After my visit yesterday to the Sargent Avenue store I am looking forward to the next “Scratch & Save” sale so I can purchase a snowblower!

  7. Satisfait lorsque je vais à votre magasin de Joliette…Bon service de la part de vos vendeurs…

  8. I went to RONA store# 55090 to look for Energy saving bulbs-13 Watt becacuse I couldn’t find at Home depot from where I intially bought these bulbs. I approached to a CSR-gentle man to help me to find the right bulb, which can be fitted in the existing fitting. He tried with me to find the right bulb and finally he coudn’t find and advised to to visit other store. I was looking for lamp for its substitution. I came across CSR- Mr. Karshe on the floor and asked him for bulb again and he told me ‘yes’ we have the same kind bulbs. Finally he took me to the shelf and he showed me the same bulbs which I was looking for. He tested all the bulbs and provided me excellent customer servce. I appricate that ! Thank you Mr. Karshe for the job done for me ! Harish Mehta

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