Win $1500 Target Satisfaction Survey –

Win $1500 Target Satisfaction Survey –

Inform Target

Inform Target is the new Survey website for Target store across America,

Customers can enter at to win $1500 Target Gift Card. Target has over 1000 stores across 47 states with stores opening in Canada in 2011. Target aims to deliver outstanding value, innovation and exceptional service to create an enjoyable shopping experience.

Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

What makes you keep coming back to Target to shop? Is it the weekly shopping deals, great service or product quality and selection? Inform Target about your experience to help them find out if you were satisfied with the service you received and suggest ideas you have for improvement. – Win $1500 Target Gift Card plus instant win prizes

To take part in the Target guest satisfaction survey you will need to complete the survey within 72 hours of visiting a Target store at the new survey site Enter the 12-digit user ID and password from your store receipt as well as the time of day you visited a Target store.

This survey from Target is short and easy to complete, with simple questions asking about your recent visit to Target. At the end of the Inform Target survey you will be automatically entered into the monthly prize draw to win $1500 Target Gift Card plus get the chance to instantly win 1 of 300 prizes of a $25 Target Gift Card in the computer-generated draw.

About Inform Target 2014 Survey

Sweepstake Rules: Survey details
Spanish Survey: Encuesta de satisfacción al cliente de Target 2013
Grand Prize: $1500 Target Gift Card
Instant Win Prize: $25 Target Gift Card

Review overview
Time to complete - 8
Ease of use - 10
Prize - 10


  1. Target is my favorite store. It is clean, always has employes asking people if they need help, and always have new things in stock. Practically all my clothes are from target and I buy all my food and personal items there. I love target, it’s the best!

  2. It saddens me to have to tell Target that I will rarely, if every shop at one of your stores again. Last night, 6/22/13 at 9:55pm an employee at your Liberty, Missouri store felt the need to tell me the store was closed now and that I needed to leave. Yes the store closes at 10pm as was announced over the PA five times from 9:30pm until 9:55pm. I was at a freezer trying to get a couple of dinners before I headed to the checkout with my cart, when your very rude employee, a middle-aged white man wearing glasses felt he needed to tell me the store was closed and I needed to leave if I couldn’t find what I wanted right away. It was 9:55pm and store lights were being turned off all over the store. So I literally ran to the check out with my cart of $178 worth of merchandise, and my receipt reflects that I walked away from the checkout at 10:02pm, after waiting in the checkout line for two minutes. I am sorry your employees had to stay two minutes past closing because of a stupid customer. It will not happen again, as I will take my money to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, Kohl’s and Hy-Vee in the future. What happens to Target when your rude employees run off all your customers. I loved shopping at your stores, but never again. What kind of jerks do you all hire, THE CUSTOMER used to be king because our money is what keeps your doors open. Hope your company goes bankrupt, and it will if you allow employees to treat customers with such blatant disrespect because they want to clock out at 9:55pm.

  3. I like how everything is very organized. All of the products and groceries were easy to find and priced very well. I love Target so much!

  4. Today I picked up two swim noodles. Both had a sale tag in the rack where they were displayed. When they were rung up neither one came up at the sale price. I told the clerk they did no come up at the sale price. He called superivisior and repeated that they had a sale price on the display. She told me, I could go back and get the sale ticker, then they would make the adjustment. I said I would not and could not walked all the way back to the far corner of the store as I was recovering from surgery. Also say that it sure was not very good customer service, so you can just give me a credit and keep the noodles. Now we are only taking about a few dollars, it was just the poor service.

  5. I just love the customer service at your pharmacy. I have always been treat with great respect, and the pharmacist always has time to answer any questions i may have. Thank you. you guys are the best

  6. Target is the most helpful and courtous family orientated buisness ive been n since being n phoenix… so alot of thanks to them exspecially the one i frequent the most here at north central

  7. Wonderful. Service everyone was very helpful and attentive to my needs and what I was looking for I love target favorite store

  8. Target is a very good store to shop in because everything is well displayed and prices are very clear. Have so many great products to choose from. Always love shopping in Target.

  9. Last week I decided to leap into the 21st century and buy my first smartphone. After a bit of online research, I knew what I wanted to purchase (elsewhere) and when (a few days hence), so I was just browsing through electronics at Target looking at cases for the phone I didn’t have yet.

    Santa Fe salesperson Kevin James politely approached me with relevant questions, and without pushiness, informed me that I could find the phone I was looking for $50 cheaper by getting it at Target starting in a few days. Music to my ears. (Every other major outlet whether in town or online had it for the same price, except for the Target sale.) He explained other discounts (such as $25 for turning in a used cell phone plus some more discount depending on the worth of the phone), which encouraged me to buy the phone through Target, so we made an appointment to meet when the sale was on and clinch the deal.

    That appointment was today. It took over an hour and he couldn’t have been more helpful, honest, polite and gracious. There is no way I could have done it without his expertise, advice and good humor. And I ended up getting a better deal for my smartphone plan than I had been getting with my previous phone. Mostly I was grateful for his cheerful helpful manner, the good deal, and the sense that Target is a dependable and reputable store to do business with. Please commend Kevin for his good work on my behalf.

  10. Love target, shop there at least once a week, my kids also love target, especially for toys and clothes,, no other place like target,, yeeeeesssss!!!!!

  11. I love shopping at Target! I always leave feeling satisfied as a shopper, the costumer service is great, and the variety of choices are also top notch. I can go into Target to buy groceries and I can also buy a great gift for a friend, what more can a girl ask for.

  12. My experience with target was very pleasant the cashier that checked out my items was very polite and fast none the least. I loveeee target you have a lot of great items and I love coming there you pretty much have everything !

  13. Yesterday, August 20, 2013, I went into Target in Lanham, Md, to get school supplies for my son who returns to the 3rd grade. I was blessed with meeting the nicest young lady, and her name was Janine!!. I first asked her if I was getting the correct things for my son, and she was so nice and professional, to inform me, that in the back of the store, there was a Back to School section. This was such a relief to hear..
    What happened next was even greater than I imagined, cuz when I saw her maybe 5 minutes later, I guess the stress and frustration of how i was going to get all 25 items on this list was enough for her, so when I asked if she would assist me, without hesitation, she said sure, with the most beautiful smile on her face, proceeded to ask for my list and I gave her my pen, and as my son and I followed along, she picked out every single item for my son, and we put in our basket, and the whole time we chatted and laughed..

    I couldn’t believe that it really only took about 15 minutes if that, to get the entire list done..

    I would like to commend Janine, for a job well done, tip my hat, and extend nothing but Love and blessing to her and I forgot to let yu know, she did all of this, and is currently pregnant!!..She is a great asset to have a part of the Target Organization, and I would like thank her from the bottom of my heart, as well as my son Jefferson, FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!

    Thank yu again Janine!!,
    Wayne & Jefferson Shumate!!

  14. I had a great target experience today at tgt cuz the cashier was very friendly and the new iPod case I got works and looks exceptional.

  15. Today I went into target for some supplies and as usual left with everything but the kitchen sink! Target has great display and sale sections and the dollar section is hard to miss ! Great upbeat workers as well. Overall great vibe.

  16. Shopping at target a few days before school opening was very pleasant today. Found everything I needed and didn’t spend time waiting to check out.

  17. I enjoyed my visit at Target very much. The building was clean and the staff were nice and helpful. I will definitely return there in the future.

  18. The Target Pharmacy Manager, Andrew is great. I’ve been a pharmacy member 5+ years and I have an exceptional experience with every visit. Andrew has always been concerned with my health progress. It is a good feeling when your pharmacist knows you and truly cares. Just all around great and courteous manager.

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