www.storeopinion.ca – Store Opinion customer satisfaction survey

www.storeopinion.ca – Store Opinion customer satisfaction survey

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Loblaws Store Opinion survey

In 1919 Theodore Pringle Loblaw opened the first Loblaws store in Toronto using the new model of self-serve and cash and carry. Now there are over 70 stores in Canada under brand names like No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore and of course Loblaws. They chain retails everything from food to pharmacy to photolab. Now Loblaws want to know how your local store is doing and asks customers to complete this survey www.storeopinion.ca

Loblaws Store Opinion Survey – $5,000 cash or 1 million PC Plus™ points

Do you love the wonderful range of fresh produce at your local Loblaws store? How about the friendly associates and great customer service? Share your thoughts in this survey www.storeopinion.ca to help improve your shopping experience next time. You could win $5,000 cash or 1 million PC Plus™ points!

Entering Loblaws Store survey – www.storeopinion.ca

Entering is simple.

  1. Visit www.storeopinion.ca.
  2. First choose your preferred language.
  3. Indicate if you are over 18 years of age.
  4. Answer if you have a valid store receipt and indicate the province you have shopped in.
  5. Enter the 19-21 digit code from your receipt.
  6. Rate your overall shopping experience.
  7. How likely are you to recommend this store to a friend.
  8. Are you a member of the PC Plus program.
  9. Continue answering questions to complete the survey.
  10. Ensure you enter your personal contact details to be eligible to win one of the great prizes of $5,000 cash or 1 million PC Plus™ points.

About Store Opinion customer satisfaction survey

Survey Link: www.storeopinion.ca
Official Site: www.loblaws.ca
Survey prize: $5,000 cash or 1 million PC Plus™ points (approximate value of $1000)


  1. You should have a cashier to stay put in your food court. Reason is there are few occasions I saw customers didnt pay for the food and eat there or there put it on the table first then slowly into their trolley they took in.

    Even though trolley is not allow they still push them in or they put next to the sign age and sit next to the table and slowly steal your food.

    You have to put someone there to watch your food court because few people took the food there and put them in the trolleys or eat there without paying

  2. Extra Foods Swan River, MB – thank you for all you smiles and helping hands in the community. Your staff makes my day/every day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. I love RCSS and I never miss an opportunity to shop at ‘Marine Drive Superstore in Vancouver” my favourite place to shop. As such I take my gad at the gas bar attached with the Store. Today as usual I took gas at 12:58:03 ,while I was using the squeeze to clean my windows and as soon I was attempting my side windows the attendant who is always sitting outside and dozing came running and started shouting that I cannot clean the side windows as this will make the squeeze dirty.
    It was a rainy day and I did not have an alternative other than cleaning the side windows to keep my driving smooth. The guy I think he was Ted or Red in name was ferocious and barred me from cleaning the windows. I had to leave the Gas Bar although I had filled $20 of Gas from there.
    It is not the first time I had this kind of rough experience as most of the times those that attend outside are rough and ferocious. I thought the customer service of the gas bars were meant to assist customers but it seems those guys who are working in that particular gas bar wants to terrorize customers-as if their intention is to misbehave. I had witnessed an incident with another customer few days back (can’t remember the date) .The attendant told him stupid idiot when because of a gas spill not the customers fault ,because the attendant was standing there at that time.
    I have no idea why the territory manager does not look into these matters otherwise these issues would not have cropped up on a regular basis. The Cevron Gas station is on tyhe other side of the road and this attitude could pull customers away.

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