How to Save Money Daily

How to Save Money Daily

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How to Save Money Daily

Want to know how to save money? We will tell you how to save money by changing some of your daily spending habits and following our money saving tips. You might not think buying a coffee or newspaper each day costs very much money, but it can certainly add up over time. Here are four products you can stop buying to start saving money quickly.

1. Newspapers and Magazines

While you might think a newspaper is cheap, if you’re buying one everyday it doesn’t take long before it starts to add up. Then you have magazines, which are much more expensive than newspapers, so if you’re buying these regularly we bet you’re spending a lot. So how do you save money, but still keep up with the latest news and have something new to read?

  • Read news online – everything that is published in newspapers is also published on free news websites. Plus, the news published online is updated instantly.
  • Electronic subscriptions – if you really do love a particular publication, subscribe for an electronic version of your favourite newspaper or magazine. Although you’ll be spending money, this option is generally cheaper as printing costs are avoided.

2. Bottled Water

There is no reason you should ever have to waste money on bottled water! Imagine if you bought a new bottle of water for $2.00 each day? That’s over $700 a year wasted on something you could enjoy at home for almost free! Invest in a re-usable water bottle that could set you back anywhere between $5 and $25 depending on how fancy you want to get. Fill it up at home and take your bottled water with you whenever you leave the house. Even with the purchase of a new water bottle, you’re already saving money.

3. Coffee

Much like water, this is a simple way to cut costs. Instead of going to your favourite café every morning for a coffee, make your own coffee at home. Buy your coffee in bulk to save, and skip the milk if you really want to cut down costs. If you like visiting coffee shops for the walk, why not make a coffee at home in a reusable travel mug and try a different walking route. You’ll still get your morning walk, but it won’t cost you $3.50.

4. Napkins and Paper Towels

Whenever you buy and use these products, you’re basically throwing away money. For the same price, you could buy some fabric napkins and cloths that do the exact same thing, with added money saving potential. Plus, you’re not hurting the environment.


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