Last Minute Christmas Cleaning

Last Minute Christmas Cleaning

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Last Minute Christmas Cleaning

Christmas is just around the corner, and you already have so much to do. The gifts need to be wrapped, you haven’t decided on your Christmas recipes and the house is a mess! Don’t worry, our quick and easy cleaning tips will make it easy to tidy up your home before Christmas arrives.

Declutter Your Home

You’d be surprised how much tidier your home can look without clutter. By simply spending a few minutes gathering up unneccesarry items such as books, toys and shoes you will instantly notice a difference. Gather these items into a basket and then put them back where they belong. If you’re running out of time, leave the basket in your wardrobe. No one is going to be looking in there, and you can put them away properly after your guests leave.

Start to Speed Clean

If you’re running out of time, speed cleans can become your best friend. Speed cleaning is all about focusing on the areas  your guests will be visiting. This means spending time cleaning the bathroom, living room and kitchen, rather than the office. The later you leave your speed cleans, the better, as this decreases the risk of someone making a big mess before your guests have arrived. But just to be safe, try and do a speed clean the night before so you aren’t stressed on the day.

Prepare Guest Rooms

If you have guests staying over, there are a few simple ways that make it look like you have put lots of effort in.

  • Place fresh towels and a bar of soap on their beds
  • Cut some fresh flowers from your garden and place a small vase in their bedroom and bathroom
  • Leave some magazines and books on the nightstand

Almost done? Time for the Cleaning Checklist

This handy checklist covers a few common areas people forget about when they are cleaning. Have a look over it as you are tidying your home to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

  • Dust lights and fittings, as well as ceiling fans
  • Wipe over windowsills
  • Clean underneath furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables
  • Clean air vents in the bathroom
  • Remove crumbs out of the toaster


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