Dollar General Customer Survey –

Dollar General Customer Survey – – Dollar General Online Survey

Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey is the official Dollar General customer satisfaction survey website. The survey is easy to complete, you will just need your most recent Dollar General receipt to get started. – Win $1,000

The Dollar General customer satisfaction survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the Dollar General customer satisfaction survey, you will go into the draw to win $1,000 in our monthly sweepstakes.

For your chance to win $1,000, take the Dollar General customer satisfaction survey at

About Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey

Prize: $1,000


  1. trying to do your survey feel like it is a real game don’t even know if I’m a player. Really set up crapy thank the e-mail on the recite should go right to the survey. Not to a search and find.

  2. I shop at dollar general quite often and I am very pleased at the prices and quality of the products. The employees are very pleasant and helpful.

  3. What would we do without the DOLLAR GENERAL STORE? I buy my pinesole there ,my mean green ,and other washing supply Our Dollar Store is so handy don”t have to spen money for gas to go 9 mor mile to buy a birthday card or anything this dolla store has everything from A to Z I do beleive anything you need thy have it . I could go on and on but I stoped here thanks

  4. The Dollar General Store is new in our town of Reese, MI.48757 and it is so nice to have a store like this that carries items that most people use. The Store is clean and employees are friendly and courteous. Thanks for building this great store in our community.-Tim Stricker

  5. Love shopping at the dollar store in vine grove ky,they have everything you need and then some thanks.

  6. I would like to tell you that our Dollar General in Tahlequah, OK has an employee named Joann, cute young lady. She is nice, helpful, welling to show you where items are, answers questions that customers ask while she is checking out other customers. She is really a great employee and I think she deserves appreciation and acknowledgement of her hard work for your company! Way to go Girl:)

  7. I visit DG almost daily. I am happy with the service and the prices. I only wish that they carried more things in the freezer section. Our town does not have a grocery store close by so we are dependent on DG to provide for our necessities.

  8. i like general dollar but they need to get their stickers prices matching up with the prices at the register. there seems to be a break down somewhere. this has been 3or 4 times in the past 6-7 months with me.

  9. I noticed that my neighboring town appears to be more centered and busy now that they have a Dollar General there. It gives the locals a feeling of more to chose from shopping in the community in between the trips that we take to the larger cities.

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