Crafty ways to make money

Crafty ways to make money

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Make money with Craft

If you are a creative person and looking to make money this holiday season, why not start making crafty items to sell? The options are endless, but we will show you a few ideas on how to make money at home to get you started.

Knitting your way to financial freedom

Winter is the perfect time to start knitting again and make some extra money. Choose your projects based on your skill set, how much time you have and what items are popular. For example, scarves are incredibly easy to knit, don’t take long to finish and every year they sell, with handmade scarves becoming more popular each year. Needless to say, knitting scarves is probably the number one way to make some extra cash.

Other great knitting ideas include:
Tea cosies
Cushion covers
Blankets and throws

Sewing your way to riches

If you are good with a sewing machine, you can almost sew your way into riches! Handmade clothing is in high demand these days, so you can’t go wrong. A few ideas for popular handmade items that are guaranteed to make money include:

Ladies’ clothing such as skirts, dresses or blouses
Mens clothing such as shorts, ties or t-shirts
Kids clothing such as pajamas, pants and tops
Bags including tote bags, overnight bags and travel bags
Other items like aprons, coin purses and cosmetic cases

If you want to get the most out of it, buy your fabrics, thread and any other materials when they are on sale for the best deals and cheapest options.

Handmade cards

There really is nothing nicer than a handmade card. And people are willing to pay for original cards and paper crafts for special occasions. If you really want to make money out of handmade cards, the best idea is to spend as little money as possible, and purchasing your materials on sale. Keep an eye out at craft stores like Michaels and purchase seasonal stickers, card and paper after the holiday has ended for the best deals. You will also find that many different types of products such as stamps, pens, papers and decorations go on sale throughout the year.

One final Crafty tip to make money

The key to making money from your crafty creations is to sell them. There are lots of websites out there that cater to an audience that prefers handmade items – Etsy and ebay have strong audiences in these areas. We also recommend to try local markets, independent stores or even just your friends and family.


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