Cheap Sandwich Ideas

Cheap Sandwich Ideas

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Cheap Sandwich Ideas

Stuck for ideas or just looking for some money saving lunch ideas?
Try our cheap sandwich fillings and we bet you’ll save money. Tried and tested, these seven tasty sandwiches will give you a new

Monday: Carrot, Hummus and Tahini

Carrots are one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy, while hummus and tahini are quite affordable. If you really want to save money, you buy hummus and tahini in bulk or make your own. Spread hummus on one slice of bread and tahini in the other. Add grated carrot to the middle and you’ve got yourself on tasty and thrifty sandwich.

Tuesday: Egg and Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the cheapest sandwich fillers you can buy. But no one wants just lettuce on their sandwiches! Eggs are a great accompaniment to lettuce, and you can choose between scrambled or boiled. Cook the eggs the night before and tore them in the refrigerator over night if you plan on eating them the next day. We also recommend mayo.

Wednesday: Banana and Peanut Butter

This sandwich is particularly great for kids, as many of them are fussy eaters. What’s more, it’s super affordable. Bananas are generally quite affordable and if you really want to save money you can buy peanut butter in bulk.

Thursday: Tuna Salad

This combination is one of the most affordable protein rich options around. You can buy cans of tuna and bottles of mayo in bulk from your local supermarket. Mix together with some chopped onion and create and you will have a delicious spread that can be enjoyed on bread, pita, wraps and bagels. Add lettuce and tomato if you have it at home. If not, this sandwich is tasty enough without it.

Friday: Roasted Vegetables

This idea is cheap no matter how you approach it. You can either use last night’s leftover vegetables or you can cook up a weeks worth of vegetables just for sandwiches. Since vegetables are so cheap, you will have no trouble saving with this idea.

Saturday: Sausage, Ketchup and Mustard

You enjoyed a BBQ last night but now you’re stuck with left over sausages, steak and barbecued meat. The perfect use for these is to add them to a sandwich the following day. Add ketchup and mustard for a tasty and filling sandwich. Pretty good for leftovers!

Sunday: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Possibly one of the most love sandwiches in America, the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is also very affordable. This sandwich is even more affordable if you buy the fillings in bulk.


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