Cheap Dinner Ideas

Cheap Dinner Ideas

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Cheap Dinner Ideas

Dinner is one of the easiest meals you can save money on. Not sure where to start? We will teach you how to save money on a variety of meals with simple swaps for meat, chicken, vegetables, cheese and other common ingredients. Follow our tips when shopping at the supermarket and you will save money fast.


Have you ever thought of having a meat free night? It’s much cheaper to not eat meat, but we can’t all be vegetarians. Consider swapping meat for tofu one night a week and see how much money you can save.


If you can’t go without meat, try swapping filet for brisket. It’s cheaper but just as hearty, and you won’t even notice the difference if you are using it to cook a casserole or stew.


Try buying a whole chicken and using as much of it as possible, as you will find this much cheaper than buying chicken breast alone. The best part? It’s already cooked.


You can still add Omega-3 toyour diet with tinned fish, and you will save lots of money buying tinned or frozen fish instead of fresh fish.


This one is easy. Buy your vegetables from the frozen section, instead of buying fresh produce. You can buy bulk bags which will help you save even more money. Plus, your vegetables will last even longer than usual.

Fresh Produce

If you do choose to still buy fresh produce, don’t bother paying extra for organic. Conventional produce still offer great nutrients and are perfect for those on a tight budget.

Grated Cheese

It’s much more affordable to buy a whole block of cheese are grate it yourself. Plus, the more cheese you buy, the more money you will save. Consider buying cheese in bulk and grating it up, then dividing into smaller snap-lock bags. Freeze all bags except for one and you will have a great supply of cheese for when you need it.

Tomato Sauce

Try tinned tomatoes for a healthier and cheaper condiment or start using tinned tomatoes when you are cooking a pasta dish.


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