How to Win with Wegmans

How to Win with Wegmans

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Win with Wegmans

Wegmans is the number one grocery chain in America with over 85 stores. They are a privately owned company with an astounding variety of breads, meat, cheese and sweets.

Wegmans Shoppers Club

Being such a large company, Wegmans rewards their loyal customer with various ways to win. Firstly you need to register for their Shoppers Club, which is a free membership providing you with full benefits. As a member of the Shoppers Club you will receive coupons and mailings regarding products you love.

Wegmans Opinion Panel

Once you have signed up to this service, next comes Wegmans Opinion Panel. As member and customer of Wegmans, you can agree to participate in these ongoing surveys. You can voice your needs and opinions on services and products housed at the store you frequent. Wegmans rewards you for completing these surveys by entering you into a draw. You will be in the running to win one of three $100 Wegmans gift cards per survey. The only catch is you can only win once per year.

Wegmans Coupons

Wegmans coupons can be received either by your affiliation with the Shoppers Club or obtained by your own means. The coupon policy is different from store to store, so keep this in mind if you’re venturing down this avenue. Most stores tend to accept Manufacturer’s and Wegmans store coupons. Wegmans does accept Internet coupons, however not for free products, which includes Buy One Get One Free deals.

Wegmans on Twitter

Finally, if you have a Twitter account, don’t forget to follow Wegmans on Twitter. Another way to win is through their Twitter Contests. You do not have to purchase any product from their stores to enter these competitions. The prizes are as stated in the tweets and are exactly that, meaning they cannot be exchanged/ redeemed for cash or other.


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