Walmart Survey –

Walmart Survey –

Walmart In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey

Walmart In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey is Walmart survey website. As the most popular supermarket in the USA, Walmart stores have almost everything you could need – from electronics to home furnishings, baby gear and more.

Once you complete the survey you are entered into a sweepstake where you will have chance to win Walmart $1,000 Gift Card. With a great prize like that, simply complete the Walmart Survey and share what you think about your shopping experience. – $1,000 gift card is available in both English and Spanish. Select your prefered language first, then spend the next few minutes giving Walmart information about your recent experience in their stores. Did you have a good experience? Was the store tidy? Staff helpful?

Give your feedback and opinion and you will be entered into the sweepstakes for one of five $1,000 Walmart shopping cards. Winners will be randomly selected from completed survey entrants at
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About Walmart In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey

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  1. The store I shop at is located in Mt. Dora, but one problem is there are so many people they run low on items all the time, even though they do restock seems like it’s the only inconvience I can see!

  2. Me & My Family loves shopping at WALMART for the best deals ever!! And Going be a New Grandma now started buying things for grandbaby :”) WALMART on clothes, ect. Thank you

  3. I choose Wal Mart due to pricing. However, I have to really re evaluate this. I purchased a half gallon of milk on a Sunday evening, on Tuesday morning when opening the milk for the first time, I was treated to a spoiled bowl of cereal. I have also used the pharmacy here. I have been disappointed at the fact that I was supposed to receive a phone call or text when my meds were ready. Neither happened. Due to that I missed a trip that I was supposed to go on the next morning. The only plus to Wal Mart is their pricing. Not very impressed!

  4. Walmart is pretty good to me, but at times it can be difficult especailly customer service there have been a few tomes o have had to wait at least 45 min.

  5. I had (like always) a great experience today at Walmart…and the worker was a big help, in helping me locate the item for my nephew’s birthday present. There’s no other store like Walmart and I am a life-long customer.

  6. i love going to walmart because for a 24 hour store its very clean, I find everything I need all there in one stop. the staff is usually helpful but some of them … don’t seem to like their job. I wish they were a little more nicer. but over all everything you could want and need out of a store is at walmart

  7. I Love shopping at wal-mart but i do not like checking out it takes to long, it never fails that i have to wait at least 10,15 minutes or longer to get checked out, and the checkers are very slow.

  8. I love wal-mart,because its the best store in mount pleasent. Wal-mart has everything you need,you dont have to go to others stores. Wal-mart has everything, me and husband need love it.

  9. Walmart is my #1 place to shop’from bedding.hardware. food.drug and many. many more to shop for and most of all I can compare prices and walmart will beat any other store price. I lOVE my store. I advice any one to shop at Walmart for anything any where there is a Walmart.
    Thanks Walmart for low prices

  10. I’m really a true Wal-Mart shopper can’t go a day without going and buying something…….I wake up with Wal-Mart on the brain

  11. Walmart is a good place to shop. The employees don’t seem to happy. And are not always the most helpful. But I think that depends on the store.

  12. Wal Mart stores are great and I wish we had a bigger one in our closest town instead of the smaller version we have.

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