Super second hand toys

Super second hand toys

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Save money with these thrifty toy buys

Buying new is costly in terms of money and also the impact that manufacturing and waste has on our planet. Buying second hand now and then is a great way to increase the toy store cupboard without blowing the budget. If you’re a grandparent or special carers, why not stock up on great second hand toy buys so you always have some great play things in store for when the little ones come to visit.

Second hand toys don’t have to look used. In fact, many second hand toys have not been used at all. They were either unwanted or unsuitable for the child and have sat in the box since the day they arrived home. This is where second hand toy shopping really pays off. You can purchase some preloved items that have never even been played with and look brand new.

So, what to buy?

Lego – buying from Ebay

Lego is a world-famous building block system that has been around for 50 years. Children of all ages love Lego. It is durable, allows for plenty of creative play, can be transported from place to place and can also be incorporated into existing collections. Keep an eye out at yard sales for bulk lots of pre-loved Lego, try local notice boards and also Ebay for sellers with bags of blocks for you.

Barbie Doll clothing, a good buy

Around the world little girls love Barbie. And while Barbie dolls themselves don’t tend to fare so well when buying second hand (the hair always seems to get matted – or cut!) Barbie clothes and accessories can be bought in bulk and cheaply at charity stores, yard sales and online too. What little girl is not going to be thrilled with a big bag of clothes to dress her Barbie in? All for only a few dollars.

The best pre-loved books for kids

If you have a hungry reader in the family, second hand books can be a real budget saver. Keep an eye out for bulk lots of books from your child’s favorite authors. You can sometimes pick up whole collections at yard sales, particularly when children are growing up and have moved on to the next level of author for their interests.

Of course, keeping the kids safe is the number one priority so make sure you observe these guidelines when buying pre-loved toys:

  • Avoid toys that are broken or missing parts that can make the design or use of the toy unsafe.
  • Avoid products made in China where paint and other finishes are not approved to high standards.
  • Avoid PVC and nasty phthalates which can be identified by “V” symbol stamped on the product.


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