Save Money Everyday: Home

Save Money Everyday: Home

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Save Money Everyday: Home

Did you know, you could be spending unnecessary money at home, without even realizing it? Using the wrong light bulbs, cooking in small batches and failing to invest in a deep freezer can all add up.

Make 2015 your best money saving year yet! All you have to do is follow our simple money saving tips and you’ll see the savings start to roll in. As with all of our Save Money Everyday articles, the sooner your implement these changes, the sooner you will start saving cash.

Energy Efficient Electrical

CFL and LED bulbs are more expensive, but they last much longer. Which actually makes them cheaper than ordinary light bulbs. If you have some extra cash, consider installing these throughout your home. CFLs use 25% of the electricity needed to keep an incandescent bulb running, while LEDs use just 2%.

Start Bulk Cooking

This is something everyone can do! Bulk cooking is not only convenient, especially if you arrive home late or don’t feel like cooking, but it’s also affordable. Buying groceries and cooking in bulk saves money and time, so why wouldn’t you try it?

Deep Freezer Investment

This tip follows on from the previous one. If you’re really getting into bulk cooking, you may need to invest in a deep freezer. Don’t be scared by the initial outlay – think of all the money you’ll save batch cooking. Plus, now you have a deep freezer you can buy meat in bulk and pay less per pound.

Repair Clothing

Instead of throwing something out as soon as you lose a button, repair it. Patch up holes and stitch loose hems. These simple tips will add extra life to your clothing. We’re not saying you have to wear patched up pants in public, but there’s nothing wrong with wearing them while you do odd jobs around the house.


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