Save Money Everyday: Health

Save Money Everyday: Health

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Save Money Everyday: Health

Two of the most common New Year resolutions are to save money and get healthy. It might sound intimidating, but we’re here to tell you that it’s much easier than you may have thought.

Try implementing money saving tips that will also benefit your health. This way, you will be able to achieve two goals at once. Simply follow our healthy money saving tips to get started.

Drink Water, Not Soda

Everyone loves soda, so we’re not saying rule this tasty drink out entirely. Start by cutting down you soda intake by one glass a day, until you’re only drinking a glass every second day. If you can stretch it out even further, that’s great! We recommend drinking water instead of all the soda you once drank – it’s much healthier and a lot cheaper.

Ditch Bad Habits

Cigarettes and alcohol are expensive (not to mention, bad for your health). So with the new year, resolve to give something up. Not only will your bank account reap the benefits, but so will your health. A healthier you means less visits to the doctor, which means less money spent. It’s a win-win situation.

Eat In, Not Out

Eating out can be tempting, but it can also be bad for your health and your bank account. Did you know, you can cook most of your favorite dishes at home for less money? In 2015 host a dinner party at home, instead of going out to catch-up with your friends and family. Set a menu in advance, choosing recipes that are healthy and affordable. This cheap and simple activity will save lots of money over the course of a year, and you may also notice a difference in your health if you’re swapping greasy pizza for fresh, homemade salads.

Cut Back on Junk Food

We know, we know – it’s delicious. But did you know, eating fresh produce is much cheaper than packaged food, like chips and chocolate? Start small, swapping processed snacks for fresh fruit or vegetables. Each time you make the swap, place the money you would have spent on junk food in a jar. Soon enough, you’ll see how much cheaper it is to eat well.


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