Save Money Everyday: Accounts

Save Money Everyday: Accounts

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Save Money Everyday: Accounts

It’s easy to lose track of what accounts, memberships and subscriptions you have. In 2015, make sure you audit all of your accounts in order to save big.

This money saving tip is commonly overlooked, as we don’t physically open our wallets to pay these accounts. Often, the payments are debited from our bank account and we don’t even notice. Follow our tips to start saving money.

Best Bank Accounts

Review the bank accounts you currently have, making a note of all the fees you accumulate annually, as well as interest rate and general benefits. Then, do some research online and see if you can find a better deal. Chances are, you will. If you get onto this early in the year, you could avoid silly fees, earn more interest on your savings and avoid extra charges on your loans.

Rewards Programs

You’re probably already a member of several customer rewards programs, but if you’re still shopping at certain stores without a loyalty card then you could be missing out. It doesn’t matter if you only shop at the store occasionally – sign up for a rewards card and you will benefit from special deals, offers and even coupons.

The best way to figure out what you have already signed up for is to go through your purse. Then, on your next visit to a store you do not have a rewards card for, make an effort of asking the cashier about their loyalty program and you will see the savings roll in.

Exercise Outdoors

Cancel your gym membership and get active outdoors. This may be a little hard during Winter, so we recommend setting up a mini gym space in your home. Practice stretches, push-ups and crunches in this space to get healthy in the comfort of your own home and save on gym membership fees.


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