Save Money: DIY Kids Clothes

Save Money: DIY Kids Clothes

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Save Money: DIY Kids Clothes

Want to learn how to save money doing something you love? Start making clothing for your grandchildren and you won’t have to worry about online shopping or visiting the mall again for overpriced kids clothes. We have come up with a list of easy and useful DIY items you can make at home. Follow our money saving tips and you will start to save money quickly.

1. Upcycled Shorts

A lot of the time, kids seem to get taller before they get wider. Their legs grow so quickly, so you’ve probably found yourself with jeans and pants that are inches too short. Don’t worry, there is no need for these to go to waste. If they still fit your child around the waist, simply cut the pants to the desired length for a new pair of shorts. This simple money saving tip will add life to a pair of pants and you won’t need to buy new shorts.

2. Recycled T-Shirts

Using the same idea as Step 1, simply cut a long sleeve top and turn it into t-shirt if it still fits comfortably in the body. Finish the edges off with a sewing machine to make sure the fabric doesn’t fray and there you have it – a new t-shirt for your child that didn’t cost you any money at all.

3. DIY Pillowcase Dress

Turn a cheap pillowcase into a pretty dress. With a pair of scissors, cut out holes for the neck and arms, then use pins to add shape where needed. After a few minutes on the sewing machine you’ll have a cute cotton dress, perfect for little girls. Save even more money buy purchasing pillowcases that are on sale.

4. Artistic DIY Skirt

Kids will love this one, and so will your wallet. All you will need is a piece of white cloth or calico, some fabric paints, elastic and a sewing machine. Cut the fabric into a long horizontal rectangle and let your children to decorate the fabric. Once dry, you can place a piece of elastic one inch from the horizontal edge, wrap the fabric over and using you sewing machine seal the elastic in place. Finish off by sewing the two vertical ends together and you have an artistic skirt your little girl will love. A money saving piece of handmade clothing and a craft activity for kids!


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