Money Saving Food Tips for Winter

Money Saving Food Tips for Winter

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Money Saving Food Tips for Winter

Meal Planning

Meal Planning is even more important during Winter, as certain produce items become more difficult to find (not to mention, more expensive).

Plan your meals for the week based on what vegetables and food products are on sale. Then, when you visit the supermarket, only buy the groceries on your list. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save by planning your meals around the produce that’s in season (e.g. winter squash and sweet potatoes) and the ingredients that are on sale.

Top Tip: Try frozen vegetables instead of fresh if you really want to save cash.

Bulk & Batch Cooking

This tip works all year ‘round, but batch cooking is particularly helpful during the cooler months. Why? Because the types of meals that are best suited to batch cooking are often meals we enjoy eating during Winter. Batch cooking recipes will not only solve the problem of finding dinner ideas, but they will also save you money.

The best way to approach batch cooking is to go online and find money saving recipes for meals that freeze well.. Set aside a batch cooking day, and cook up a few dishes, and make sure you have lots of containers at home. You can freeze meals into portions and simply defrost daily, depending on what you feel like for dinner. Save money, save time and enjoy delicious home cooked meals.

Top Tip: For freezer friendly meals, think meatballs, curries like chicken tikka masala, pies, stews, and of course, lasagna.

Stop Eating Out

Since it’s getting cold outside, why not stay at home and enjoy a home cooked meal instead of dining out at a fast-food restaurant? Not only will you be nice and warm, but you’ll also be in the comfort of your own home. Plus, by cooking your own meals, you’ll save money. Particularly if you’re serving up one of your bulk cooking meals.

Top Tip: When friends ask to go out for dinner, why not invite them to your house for a dinner party.


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