Money Saving Tips For Pet Owners

Money Saving Tips For Pet Owners

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Money Saving Tips For Pet Owners

We all love our pets, and couldn’t imagine life without them. But being a pet owner can be expensive.

Our helpful tips will teach you how to save money on a range of pet expenses including grooming, pet food and veterinary bills. Most importantly, these tips will not only help you save money, but they will also make your dog or cat very happy.

Cheap Grooming Options

The key to saving money on expensive trips to the dog groomer is regularly grooming your pet at home. It sounds simple, but many pet owners don’t bother with frequent grooming, which is why they end up paying $100 at the dog groomer! Set aside some time every few days to brush your dog, as well as weekly baths. Your pet and your wallet will love it.

Budget Pet Food

Expensive pet food is one of the easiest ways to throw away money. Your puppy or kitten can still have a balanced diet without the gourmet price tag, so try affordable pet food brands over premium. Another great tip for saving money is is to try and feed your pet dry food instead of canned food, as you will find that cans are primarily filled with water – not something you need to be spending your money on! And we bet it’s not too filling for your pet either.

Preventative Veterinary Care

Trips to the vet can be expensive! But did you know the best way to avoid costly visits it to keep up with routine check-ups and vaccinations? Looking after your cat or dog’s health and paying $15 for a vaccine will minimize the risk of your pet contracting something worse, which could set you back thousands of dollars. And not to mention, seriously damage your pet’s health.

Top Tip: If your pet is healthy and you never miss a routine visit to the vet, make sure you shop around for pet insurance. Don’t say yes to the first quote, as you will likely find a better deal if your pet is healthy.

Keep-up with Treatments

Just like we said earlier, prevention is the key to saving money and a healthy pet. But there is a way to save money while still treating your pet for fleas, ticks and heartworm. Medication and preventatives for both dogs and cats can be purchased from your local pet store or veterinary clinic and many pet owners give the treatment to their pets at home. This simple process will save on vet fees, without compromising your pet’s health.


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