Make Money from Home – Part 3

Make Money from Home – Part 3

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Gardening to make money

Have you been reading our How to Make Money at Home series? We hope our money saving tips are coming in handy and helping you save money and make money around the house. In Part 3, we will continue to share our ideas and teach you how to make money, using unusual methods you may not have considered before. It’s never been easier to make money.

Gardening for Greenbacks

Get paid for something you love. Yes, that’s right – all that time spend in the garden hasn’t gone to waste. Whether you love growing flowers, fruit, vegetables or herbs, there is money to be made if you have a green thumb. Why not set up a stall at your local farmers’ markets and sell the fruits of your labour? Or try a roadside stand right outside you house.

Advertising from your Home

Did you know you can use your car to make money? Local companies are willing to pay several hundred dollars each month, ranging from $200 to $900 just for placing advertisements on your car. Don’t worry, these ads won’t damage the paint on your vehicle once they are removed.

Refund Purchases get Cash back

Remember that new pair of shoes you bought and never wore because you decided you didn’t like them anymore? Luckily, you don’t need to suffer from buyer’s remorse. Go through your home and see if there is anything you have purchased recently that you really don’t need. Stores will usually give you a refund on your item as long as it is unused and you have your receipt.

Boarders to pay the rent

If you have a spare room, it is worth considering a boarder. You will receive a consistent income each month, you will be able to choose who lives with you and you might even make a new friend! Try advertising the room for rent on Craigslist and in your local neighborhood.

Include details such as:
The cost of rent per month e.g. $700
What is included for this price e.g. furniture, electricity, internet
The room for rent and type of living quarters
The type of person you are looking for e.g. female, non-smoking
Any other requirements e.g. if you have a pet

Top tip: Ensure you hold a few interviews to make sure you find the right person, as you will have to live with them.


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