Get crafty with gift wrap

Get crafty with gift wrap

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Reusing gift wrap craft ideas

Have you ever received a beautifully wrapped gift and felt the urge to save the paper to do something special with? You’re not alone. There is a whole bunch of people around the world who love gift wrap and who get a lot of joy out of creating special things using left over or reused wrapping paper. Here are some ideas to get you started on your own thrifty, creative projects.
Frame it

Sometimes paper is so pretty that it deserves to be framed like an artwork. If you’ve spotted a sheet of special paper in a store, have the sales associate roll the paper and place it into a cardboard tube to prevent any creased on the surface. You can easily frame this at home. If you have a sheet of pre-loved paper that has been used for wrapping, first ensure that its free of tape. Then taking a large sheet of brown paper and a warm iron (make sure the steam setting is turned off), gently run the iron over any creases to restore the paper to a crease-free finish. You can then cut your paper to suit the frame you have so create a cheap and unique artwork for your home or office.

Line it

Do you drawers need a make over? Why not use beautiful wrapping paper to line your drawers? Prepare your wrapping paper as for framing. Remove the drawer from the desk or dresser and using a sheet of plain paper create a template the same dimensions of the inside of the drawer. Carefully trace this shape onto your wrapping paper and cut to size. Place the wrapping paper print side up inside the drawer for a colorful designer look.

Make it

Handmade cards are not only creative and personal but they are good for the environment and great for you purse. Prepare your favorite sheets of pre-loved wrapping paper as for framing. Using a sharp craft knife and metal ruler (or a large craft punch if you have one) cut shapes from the wrapping paper. Turn your shapes over so that the print side is facing down. Apply a coat of spray adhesive or a thin layer of your preferred craft glue. Carefully position your cut outs onto the front of some good quality blank greeting cards. Use your computer to print out inspirational quotes or seasonal messages, and there you have it. Quick, crafty and low-cost greeting cards.

There are many more ways to use lovely wrapping paper. What’s your top tip?


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