5 Family Friendly Restaurants

5 Family Friendly Restaurants

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Family Restaurants

Going to dinner with your children in tow doesn’t have to be a nightmare waiting to happen! If you worry about annoying other diners, ruining their meal and dining experience, you don’t have to any longer! You just need to know which restaurants to go to. Popular restaurant chains are the perfect place for your family. Below I’ve outlined some great restaurants that are accessible to take your family to that have such a diverse menu. There are food options to satisfy every member of the family and at an affordable price too! How good does that sound?

Top Family Restaurants

1. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carrabba’s is a great Italian restaurant that has all your favorite classic Italian meals and dishes. The adult’s menu is moderately priced with both basic and fancier dishes. These obviously differ in cost by a few dollars. You’ll be spoilt for choice with options between antipasti, pasta and pizza. You will get a basic spaghetti dish for around $10, or more jazzier meals between $15-$18. For the kids, there is the Bambini Menu for ages 10 and younger. You’ll find that Carrabba’s has generic kids dishes such as chicken fingers, chicken breast, ravioli, pizza and spaghetti. Pricing is around $6.50 for those meals and $3.50 for the dessert option. Drinks are included with the meals. Carrabba’s has locations in 32 states. Check www.carrabbas.com to find your nearest location.

2. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is another family-oriented Italian restaurant. They’ve recently expanded their menu with including more choices and variety, but still having that Italian flare. You’ll receive unlimited salad and breadsticks throughout the duration of your meal at Olive Garden. Appetizers for adults such as soups and salads start at $4.95, with full meals consisting of your typical Italian cuisine costing between $10-$14. For the children, Olive Garden offers excellent meat options with beef, chicken and fish. Of course there is pasta and kids menu staples like mac & cheese, pizza and ravioli for $4.95. Kids meals also come with a free drink and a choice of fruit or a side of vegetables too. Olive Garden has restaurants in 49 states and some in Canada. Check www.olivegarden.com to find your nearest location.

3. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is a pricier alternative to Texas Roadhouse. It is an Australian themed family friendly dining restaurant. There tends to be a difference in menu throughout Steakhouses locations, as it’s indicative of the region where the restaurant is situated. For adults, the majority of meals wont set you back any more than $23. They offer such a wide selection of red meat, chicken, seafood, sandwiches, burgers and salads. There literally is something for everyone. It will be hard to pick what to have for dinner! For the little ones, the kids receive “The Joey Book.” This is filled with the menu and games, crosswords and puzzles for them to complete. Menu options include sirloin medallions for $7.99, which is one of the priciest meals, or other food options like cheeseburgers at $5. Kids meals include a free beverage and side dish. The Outback Steakhouse has over 960 locations in the United States. Check www.outback.com to find your nearest location.

4. Red Lobster

If you feel like having seafood for dinner, then your best bet is Red Lobster. They have all the types of seafood you’d expect to find on a seafood restaurant’s menu. Their portion sizes are great and you will get good value for your money. They specialize in seafood and shellfish but also offer chicken and steak dishes. Adults meals depending on the nature of the seafood you wish to order, range in pricing from $14.99-$20.99. The dishes come with side salads and their infamous cheese biscuits. The kids have a lot of options to choose from too! The standard items that you’d expect are on the menu like chicken fingers and mac & cheese. But there’s also lobster tail and garlic shrimp! Most meals cost less than $6 and include a free drink. Red Lobster has over 705 restaurants in the world. Check www.redlobster.com to find your nearest location.

5. Texas Roadhouse

If you’re craving a Texan style dinner, then head to a Texas Roundhouse restaurant. As mentioned, it’s cheaper than the Outback Steakhouse but it is just as great. The adult’s menu has a lot of options for the red meat lovers. You’ll get a good rib-eye steak for around $19.99. But the menu also features some delicious seafood options, like shrimp and salmon. Roadhouse meals come with salad sides, potato sides or other vegetables. Their variety is great! The Ranger Meals is the kids’ menu and features your usual chicken tenders, mac & cheese and cheeseburgers as well. There’s also a basket of ribs for around $7.29 too. Yum! All children’s meals come with a free drink. There’s a Texas Roadhouse in every state. Check www.texasroadhouse.com to find your nearest location.


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