Cheap Lunch Ideas

Cheap Lunch Ideas

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Cheap Lunch Ideas

It can be very tempting to buy lunch from your favorite fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King, but it can also cost lots of money if done over a long period of time. We’re happy to share with your our cheap lunch ideas and money saving tips for a midday meal that won’t break the bank.


We all love crispy French Fries, but did you know you could save money just by making your own? Forget fast-food restaurants and frozen fries and start cooking your own… All you’ll need is a bag of potatoes, salt and some oil. If you want something a little different, try sprinkling herbs and spices on your fries instead of salt.


Reconsider the fillings you are using and ask yourself if they are costing you a lot of money. Salad ingredients are the cheapest, so fill the bulk of your sandwich with these. Then choose a protein that is affordable, such as canned fish. And finish off with some cheese you bought in bulk. Alternatively, why not try grilled vegetables?


Buy your bread in bulk and keep it in the freezer. Defrost a loaf whenever you run out and you will never run out of bread again for your sandwiches.


Don’t be trapped into buying bags of green salad. These are too expensive and designed for convenience. Buy your greens in bunches at the supermarket, or even better at farmers’ markets for extra savings.


Try a vegetarian burger and you will instantly save money. You will be surprised how much cheaper these burgers are to cook and just how delicious they are. Buy the buns in bulk and freeze, just like we have suggested to do some with bread, defrosting them as you need. Use tofu instead of beef, grate your own cheese and use the salad tip mentioned earlier.

Ready-Made Meals

Those that come boxed or chilled are often quite expensive. Swap these meals for bulk cooking staples like rice, beans and frozen vegetables and make your own freezer ready meals.


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