Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Cheap Breakfast Ideas

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Cheap Breakfast Ideas

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you have to have a balanced and satisfying meal. With our tips and ideas, we will tell you how to save money on several different meals, drinks and breakfast foods while still enjoying all your favorites like bacon, eggs and coffee.


The best way to buy this meat is in bulk. If you have the freezer space, buy several pounds and then bag into portions at home. Freeze these and you will be able to defrost them as needed.


If you have the space, consider getting a few chickens and you can say goodbye to spending money on eggs at the grocery store.


Buy these at the end of the day from your local bakery for the cheapest deal, and then freeze them. Defrost as needed for a tasty breakfast to-go.


The easiest way to stop paying too much for this favorite breakfast idea is to stop buying boxed cereal and make your own. Buy grains, flakes, dried fruit and nuts in bulk and make your own cereal mix that’s both tasty and affordable.


Swap instant oats for rolled outs. While they might take a little longer to cook, this is an excellent way to cut back on your grocery bills and a very cheap breakfast option for Winter. Another great way to save is to mix your oats with water instead of milk.

Fresh Berries

Buy a box of mixed frozen berries and defrost them over night for fresh fruit in the morning, instead of paying extra money for fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries from the produce section.


Freshly squeezed juice is very expensive and often a treat for many families, so why not try concentrate? Mix up a jug with water at home, and keep in chilled in the fridge for tasty juice every morning.


Here’s an idea: Buy your coffee in bulk and skip the milk if you want the same great taste and caffeine boost for less money.


Try buying shelf stable milk in your grocery shopping instead of fresh milk. UHT milk will last you longer and cost less money, making for great savings long-term since most families have milk everyday at breakfast time.


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