Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday Deals

It’s almost time for the biggest sale of the year – Black Friday is just around the corner. Whether you are looking for laptop deals or need a few tips on how to save money, we will help you get prepared and find the best Black Friday deals on offer. All you have to do is follow our five simple steps.

1. Follower Retailers Online

The key to knowing all the best Black Friday deals, is being in the know. Get a head start by making a list of your favorite retailers and following them on social media sites like Facebook. You should also visit their online shopping sites and sign-up to their mailing lists. By doing these two things,  you will see the latest deals and offers on your Facebook newsfeed, plus you might even be emailed Black Friday deals and find out before everyone else.

2. Research Black Friday Sales

Don’t fall into the trap of buying something just because it’s on sale, or paying more for the same product. Think carefully about what Black Friday deals you are looking for and make a list of items you need such as laptops, TVs, clothing, etc.  Then start researching where the best Black Friday deals are, by using catalogs, store websites and information gathered from Step 1.

3. Make a Shopping Plan

You’ve figured out what you want to buy and which stores you need to visit this Black Friday, which means it’s time to organize a shopping plan. But how do you do this? We recommend ordering store locations based on things like how much money you will save, how important the product is to you, sale times, and store opening hours.

4. Organize Your Purse

It pays to be organized on Black Friday.

  • Compile all necessary catalogs, ad and coupons in a small binder that’s easy to take in and out of your purse (since you’ll be doing this a lot).
  • Have a separate section in your binder to place you receipts in.
  • Make sure your debit card, credit card and cash is all organized.
  • And don’t forget to pack some snacks and a drink so you won’t have to waste time or money buying these on the day.

5. Shop Before Black Friday

In the online world Black Friday deals go live at midnight, so you can shop before the malls even open! All you need is a credit card and internet access to visit your favorite online shopping sites. But don’t stay up too late though; you’ve got a big day of shopping ahead of you.


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