www.TellHardees.com – Tell Hardee’s Survey

www.TellHardees.com – Tell Hardee’s Survey

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Hardee’s Customer Service Survey

Hardee’s is an American restaurant chain that has been feeding the good folk of the South and Midwest states since the Sixties. Their burgers are famous through their 3,141 franchised or company-operated restaurants in 42 states in 14 countries around the world. And locals sure love the friendly service. Now’s the time to tell Hardees what you think on their survey www.TellHardees.com

Tell Hardee’s Customer Survey – $100 Hardee’s Combo Gift Card

Hardee’s really want to know what you thought of your last visit. Did your order arrive as requested? Were the staff pleasant and efficient? Share your thoughts with Hardee’s at www.TellHardees.com to help them improve their restaurants. You will be rewarded with a sweepstake entry and a chance to win a $100 Hardee’s Combo Gift Card!

Completing the Hardee’s Restaurant Survey – www.TellHardees.com

To enter, visit www.TellHardees.comand select the Hardee’s location that you visited. Enter the type of visit, date and time of visit and your order or transaction number located on your last Hardee’s receipt. Now continue by entering your response to questions including “Cashier offered you a pleasant greeting?” or “Did you receive the condiments requested?” You will also be asked to rate some statements about your thoughts on Hardee’s relating to the food and service. Once you are done, add your name and email address to be entered into the sweepstake draw to win a $100 Hardee’s Combo Gift Card.

About Tell Hardee’s Survey

Hardee’s Guest Survey Link: www.TellHardees.com
Hardee’s Official Site: www.hardees.com
Survey prize: $100 Hardee’s Combo Gift Card


  1. While i was in Florence, S.C. today i stopped at the Hardees at 2302 W. Lucas Street. I ordered the chicken club combo, a small cheeseburger with no pickles and a small fry. When i was on my way home ( i live about 35 minutes from Florence) I found i had no fries and my cheeseburger was loaded with pickles. The chicken combo had everything with it. I wasn’t about to turn around on the interstate for the fries. All the items were on the receipt as i called it out to the lady. So someone that prepared the order did not pay attention to the order. They need to start paying more attention and getting the orders correct.

  2. Drive thru waitress was rude and condescending. She made no eye contact and did not say thank you or hello, etc. When returning my change, she looked up instead of at me and I had to find her hand to keep change from falling to ground. Order was incomplete as well. What food we did receive was very tasty, but it would have been nice to receive what we ordered. This waitress is often rude to customers whether at the drive thru or at the counter. My most favorite meal at Hardees is breakfast, but because this one waitress usually works the morning shift, I go to McDonald’s or Waffle House.

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